Sermon Book Recommendations

Over the past couple of months, Pastor Bob has quoted and taught from several books that he considers worth reading.  A number of you have asked for more information on the titles as well the possibility of using them for book studies. Below are three that were mentioned and highly recommended. Click on the picture of the book for ordering information and summaries.

In his sermon “The Treasure Hunt” the second in a series on The Kingdom of God, Pastor Bob read from Scot McKnight’s, One.Life: Jesus Calls, We Follow.  If you recall the sermon, this is where he shared the word Ubuntu from the South African culture. This was developed in McKnight’s book as he used it to explain a better understanding of the Kingdom of God.  Great for personal or group study.

In his sermon, “Kingdom Driven” the third in his series on the Kingdom of God, Pastor Bob quoted from Todd D. Hunter’s Christianity Beyond Belief . This was the book Pastor Bob recommended as an alternative to The Purpose Driven Life. Hunter says, “Our story does not start with us and our need.  It doesn’t start with our sin, mistakes and imperfections and then look forward to heaven. It starts with the perfect intention of God to have a people who love him and work with him for the sake of others.”  This would be a great book for discussion.

This last recommendation has been a part of many of Pastor Bob’s sermons including his most recent “Rest-Deprived Christianity.”  Richard Foster’s Prayer: Finding the Heart’s True Home has become a classic on prayer in many circles.  Pastor Bob recommends this book for those looking for encouragement in prayer and for the further study of specific types of prayer. This book is in our church library.

Our hope his that you take the time to order, download, or borrow one of these excellent sources for further study.

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