The Posture and Practice of SFC!

This week Pastor Bob will begin a six-Sunday sermon series on the Posture and Practice of Silverton Friends Church.  He will begin by taking us back to the roots of Salvation history and end with how God invites everyone everywhere into the best possible way to live.

If you have wanted a kick-start to understanding the role of the church as a harbinger of the Kingdom of God and what part YOU play – then don’t miss the next 6 Sundays!

Septemeber 18:  Roots (Looking Back)  Seeing ourselves in a long line of generations taking part in the endless conversation between God and people.

September 25: Journey (Moving Forward) What does it look like for us to live out the future reality today?

October 2: Wholeness [Gazing Inward] Looking at all of life as spiritual, and that all of our fears, failures, and brokeness can be restored and made whole.

October 9: Community [Practicing Withward]  How we value the image of God in all people, everywhere. Created to “LIVE DEEPLY” with one another.

October 16: Serving [Moving Outward] The incarnational aspects of the church and its presence in our world and community of Silverton.

October  23: Celebration [Focused Upward]  Living the way God intended – all life is sacred!

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