Book suggestions for further formation!

Interested in some further reading during the rainy days of fall?  As Pastor Bob came to to the end of the “Posture and Practice” sermon series he suggested a couple worthwhile reads.

In his sermon on “Serving: Outward,” Pastor Bob began with some personal thoughts from Mother Teresa on being “something truly beautiful for God.”  The book “Mother Teresa: Come Be My Light is a controversial memoir and compilation of the private writings of the “Saint of Calcutta.”  It is filled with insights, challenging thoughts, and personal struggles that will help you see the heart and dedication of a godly woman who considered herself the “Saint of Darkness.”

In the final sermon in the Posture and Practice Series, Pastor Bob talked about the discipline of Celebration.  Obviously, the classic book on Christian disciplines is Richard Foster’s book “Celebration of Discipline.”  I would highly recommend Foster’s book, but for those who want another view of the disciplines, John Ortberg has written ‘The Life You’ve Always Wanted: Spiritual Disciplines for Ordinary People.”  Here is what Richard Foster said about Ortberg’s book,

“John Ortberg takes Jesus’ call to abundant living seriously, joyfully, and realistically. He believes human transformation is genuinely possible, and he describes its process in sane and practical ways.” — Richard J. Foster

The best way to understand Ortberg’s book is that it is a primer for those who want a place to start.  It is easy to read and has many ways for you to begin applying the disciplines to your everyday life.

We hope you pick up one of these great books, read them, challenge yourself, and then take a friend out for a cup of coffee and share your thoughts.


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