Family Christmas Celebration

Join us at 5:00pm on Christmas Eve for our


“Do you see him?”

Come sing carols, hear scriptures, light candles, listen to choirs, and join together as a community of faith to share in the joy of Christmas!

Included in the service will be “Reader’s Theater” presentations from Jospeh, Mary, the Inkeeper, as well as the Shepherd Children.

The Adult and Children’s Choir will lead us in worship as well as the worship band.  The night will conclude in candlelight as we sing Silent Night.

Bring family and friends and join us for a wonderful night of celebration!

+   +   +  +


On Sunday, December 25th, we are challenging the Silverton Friends Church community to return to the Oral Tradition of reading scripture in the home.  Gather your families and join together in reading the Christmas Story from Luke 2.  We will not be having a worship service on Sunday morning as we hope you will join us on Saturday evening.  We look forward to hearing how you shared the “Good News” this Christmas with those in your home!

Merry Christmas!

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