Visiting Friends from Nepal

Dr. Samson, Priscilla, and Prateek Retnaraj


After four years of CHE ministry in Nepal, many CHE training sessions are held to teach this unique form of Evangelism in Chitwan, Bardiya, and Chandranigahpur (Mahida). This holistic training is Bible based and taught to ordinary villagers using Jesus’ example to help ordinary peoples’ lives. It is what we now call church planting and church growth, and it has produced results which have amazed us! Most of those who have had this training are uneducated and poor, but after their participation it has brought about a change in their overall thinking and beliefs, and this has affected the lives of others in their own and other communities. They were helped to better understand the teaching of Jesus in the Bible, and that led to teaching others around them.

Analyzing the feedback given by the trainees after each training session was a great joy because it actually taught us, the trainers, how to do better. We were also surprised to learn that most of these trainees, on completion of their CHE training, were very eager to have more knowledge of the Bible and live life according to the Word of God.

The community in Dhamile, which once was a sleepy and lazy people, has become a vibrant one. They recently decided to have a Village Health Post manned by their own CHE-trained health workers, a Clean Drinking Water Project using Biosand filters, and to maintain a bodily waste program, which is an answer to our prayers for this community. They have understood their responsibilities, and now desire to have a “Healthy Mind and Spirit in a Healthy Body,” after four years of hard work in training them. Not surprisingly, fellowship groups and churches in Sunachourie, Budhi-Bhandar, and Parevakot (nearby communities), have been started by the efforts of the Dhamile church.

Join us as we welcome the Retnaraj family this Thursday evening, April 5 @ 6pm in the Green Room.  Please join us as we learn more about their health and development work in the name of Jesus in villages in Nepal.  Also, you will find out about what happens to the goats SFC sends to Nepal!


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