Mission Focus Sunday: DK and Choity Sarkar (Kolkata, India)

Join us this Sunday as we welcome DK and Choity Sarkar, Evangelical Friends Missions (EFM) missionaries to India.  D.K. and Choity will be sharing of their work during our children’s message and sermon time this Sunday.  

Sarkar5When Diptendra Kumar (D.K) felt God’s Call for the ministry he resigned from the State Electricity Board and became a full time evangelist.  He leads a team of evangelists who start home groups for Hindus interested in Christianity. D.K. and Choity work among the Bengali people in and around Kolkata, India. They joined EFM in 2003 and brought with them a group of evangelists who supervise house churches and evangelistic cell groups. They serve in the slums and poor island areas as well as in other areas of West Bengal state. This is a growing movement and one with compassionate income-generating projects for the very poor.

Ministry  Evangelical Friends Mission Kolkata started working in Kolkata and in its suburbs since 2003.  Kolkata is known as the city of slums, there are approximately 3000 slums in and around this metropolis.  We initiated our very first task in some of these slums.  God blessed us with five slum fellowships.  Gradually by his grace, the work multiplied in six different districts.  Away from Kolkata, these districts stretch over an area over 400 miles. Kolkata used to be known as slums. Now the builders are buying the slums and making buildings. To some people they give a place to stay in the buildings but to many they just cheat. Now it is not knows as the city of slums.

For more information on the Sarkars – click here

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