How does SFC love God and others?

On the first Sunday of our year-long focus on the Jesus Creed, SFC was asked to write on little Post-it hearts what they considered it meant to “Love God and Love Others.”   Here are the people of SFC’s responses:

  • Taking Time to Listen– Really listen
  • Treating others as you would treat yourself and your family
  • En-Courage Be gentle
  • Open mindedness & acceptance – I try to look at people, situations I disagree with
  • “playing together,” Spending time together at and outside of “church, ”Growing in the Word together, Sharing meals with those needing  them, by “social justice” service opportunities, babysitting children so parents can spend time alone together, celebrating and grieving together
  • Hospitality, Encouragement, Hope, Enduring throughout the ages
  • See people
  • Seeing people’s differences and liking them because of those things.
  • Obey
  • Try to be like Jesus – to others – showing kindness
  • Spending time with each other – family ? and together
  • Invest Time in/with them
  • Care for neighbor. Care for grandsons.
  • Humor
  • Talk and helping
  • Being friendly
  • I like to share and spend time with friends – Pray to God
  • Pray for people
  • Fellowship
  • Patience with people
  • Treating others like Jesus would. Try and always see others or try to see them through Jesus eyes not mine.
  • Encourage others, Provide for basic needs for those in need, pray for others.
  • By trying to be there for our families. Try to be honest and fair to others to help them in need.
  • Friendly!
  • By listening
  • Spending time together
  • Being inclusive not exclusive
  • By following God. By showing that we care.
  • Spend time with God & share words of encouragement, with others
  • Have grace, accept grace
  • A smile, a prayer, thankful, encourage, help. Service, gifts, compassion, loving even the unloveable. Just listening, forgiving the unforgivable, loving you where your at
  • Meeting people where they are at rather than where we think they should be.
  • Caring for each other in our families and those in our community and everyday life…lend a hand…smile… help.
  • I pray to Him
  • I love God for life
  • Help my neighbor – pray
  • By giving hugs
  • Listen, encourage, bring Son-shine to others, smile and greet, pray with and for others, invite neighbors in, employ the needy for yard work, eat with others as much as possible, share.
  • Show love to grand kids
  • Spending time together – teachers teaching me
  • By making choices that put my spouse’s desire above mine
  • Love God by providing meals to others. Loving others by being a listening ear and praying heart.
  • I tell my mom I love her and give her  hugs.
  • I give my grammy hugs.
  • Helping others
  • Love my friends by sharing with them – Praying for my family
  • I will care for others and spread the love of Jesus for God and the people
  • I love other by respecting
  • Loving God – I spend time alone with talking, asking ?’s and listening. I read His word and try to remain alert to daily circumstances where I can respond to His teachings/leadings
  • I love by showing kindness and being affectionate
  • Countless “rescues” to stranded people
  • Free babysitting for going on six years for two small boys
  • Showing love through serving
  • Love God by talking daily to him, listening to him…Love others by kindness being the face of Jesus
  • Listening, cooking, praying
  • Love God – Be with Him, abide in His presence, serve, love others.  Feed them, tell them, hugs, care, encourage, value and honor
  • Serve in His church.  Read God’s  word.  Show kindness to others.
  • I have forgiven.  I am released from pain and anger.
  • Tolerance and understanding.  Holy Spirit to guide us in wisdom.
  • By being someone who listens to others.
  • Give kids work so they can make money.
  • I give God the first moments of my day every morning waiting expectantly.  Something good is going to happen to me today.
  • Pray for needs as I hear about them.  Help with Children’s Church and preschool kids and MOPS.
  • I give people rides who need them and while they are with me, I share God’s love with them.
  • Listen with all your heart.  Speak with love in your heart for that person regardless.
  • Family.  Be nice.
  • Respect.  Truth.  Kindness.
  • Be kind.
  • Jesus Christ is God manifested in the flesh.  He is my Father and Savior and only true reason that all people have a purpose to live and die.
  • I listen to God and to people.
  • Be helpful.
  • Pray for them.
  • Be nice.  Be kind.  Be helpful.
  • Talk with.
  • Praise with my heart for loving others.
  • Praise God through songs and worship.
  • Pray for one another.  Give lots of smiles and hugs.
  • Giving hugs.  Manly hugs.
  • I love God because He helps me get through each day.
  • Being creative as He guides.
  • Spend time with others and God.  Listen and share your hearts.
  • Serving the church family.
  • Always being there for my friends.
  • Giving.
  • People:  In acceptance.  God:  In study of His word and seeking His will and direction.
  • Giving time and money to God’s work and those in need.
  • I love God because He loves me.  I can pray and God always answers prayers
  • Forgetting.  Remembering.
  • Love God.  Read God’s love letters to me.  Tell Him thanks and follow what He says.  Let Him live in me.
  • Pray for others.  Trust, praise and thank God for His great love.
  • We love Him if we do what He says.  Pray.
  • Pray for others.
  • Spending time.  Understanding differences.  Being a friend.
  • We serve at the community meal once a month.  We share our yard tools with our neighbor next door.  We glean food for SACA from the Farmer’s market.
  • Be a good neighbor.
  • Pray, tithe and teaching.  Spare change.  Listening to God and others.  Praise, dish washing, coffee, provide living space for someone.  Encouragement, pastoral council.  Preaching.
  • Taking care of my family’s needs: home, food, clothes, prayer and training.  Making breakfast for the Monday morning Bible study.  Serving on Hospitality committee, Ladies Retreat committee, having fellowship, praying.
  • Loving God for all His blessings.
  • Encourage others.
  • I don’t know.
  • Friendship.
  • Complete and total obedience (to God).  Others: Display truth in life (what is truth)?
  • Listen to others and pray for them and their needs.
  • I love God by worshiping Him with everything I’ve got in my vehicle.  I love others by blessing others unexpectedly and by checking on the welfare of my friends.
  • Be available.
  • Listen to and be guided by the Holy Spirit.  Help and encourage others as put on my plate.
  • Teaching kids about God.  Being God-like at work, at home, in stores, everywhere.  Taking care of the universe.  Helping the needy by giving financially, in kind or offering my services.  Being  a good example to my child and others.

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