Traveling Nativity Art Display Coming to SFC

Since she was a little girl, Bonnie-Jean Brown has been collecting nativity crèches, that’s over 30 years of collecting.  In recent years it has begun to weigh heavy on her heart that so many of these works of art sit hidden in boxes as she no longer has enough space to display them all.  As she says,

“The nativity story is not mine to hoard and keep hidden in boxes.

It is a story to share with the world.”

Last year Bonnie-Jean presented the gift of her nativities in a display for her congregation, Silverton First Christian Church.  This year she will present this gift to our congregation.

Bonnie-Jean has over 65 nativities from all over the world, in all sorts of artistic styles, and in all different sizes – from microscopic to mantle size.

She considers it an honor to set up her display for our worship experience on Sunday, December 16 and for the Silverton Christian School children on Monday, December 17.

It is a display that will warm the hearts of many.  A truly remarkable display of the true meaning of the season.  Don’t miss it!

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