Join us for The Journey to the Cross


Meditating on the events of Jesus’ final days and his resurrection can be profound.  The challenge for most of us is shutting out the noise and distractions of everyday life long enough to quiet our souls and listen to the Spirit of God.

To help you experience Christ’s passion more fully this holy week, we have put together an interactive, self-led devotional experience, The Journey to the Cross.  It will be open for you to journey three times during this holy week.

  • Wednesday night – 5-9pm
  • Good Friday – 9am – 3pm
  • Saturday – 10am – 2pm

Come at any time during the set times, but plan to journey for at least 20 minutes – and stay as long as you need.  The Journey takes place in the gymnasium.

We hope this will be a powerful experience to prepare you for our Lord’s resurrection!

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