What the Lord showed me during our 24-hour Prayer Time.

From the Journal kept during our recent 24-hour Prayer Time.

May 17, 2013 9pm-12pm
Pastor Bob Henry   
What the Lord showed me through a prayer to Him that evening…
You have a dream for this place, O Lord!  
Our awkward compassion tells us something about Your dream.
It tells us why we turn our eyes away —  
From the pain, suffering, and disabilities of those in our community.
It tells us there is “something more” for which we (SFC) were made.
We may not like that…
It may be difficult, even at times a challenge —
But you ask us to bring comfort, healing, and even hope to those in need.
You invite us to join in the process of RECONCILIATION–
To replace the “something wrong” we know with the “made right again” that You want!
As Corrie Ten Boom once said,
“Faith is a Fantastic Adventure In Trusting Him.”
Help us all to have more FAITH.
Help us to have COMPASSION.
Give us Your DREAM.
Open our eyes to those in pain, those suffering, and those with disabilities (of body, mind, and spirit).
Help us to see our community not just as those within the walls of SFC —  
But our neighbors, our coworkers, our family, and friends.
Give us Your WISDOM.
The ability to SEE.
To JUDGE what is true and right.
Take away our PRIDE,
Stop us from KILLING with words and actions –
From coveting, quarreling, and stabbing each other in the back.
Help us to SEEK You.
It is only through submitting to You.
Resisting the evil in the world, and
Coming NEAR to You.
That Your DREAM can be manifest in and among us.
Give us Your PATIENCE and PEACE.
And help us DREAM AGAIN!
Amen and Amen!

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