Top 20 Things that should make us excited about Silverton Friends Church


20. All the new faces on Sunday Morning (We have 20+ new families in the last year) – so glad you have joined us!

19. That SFC is a safe place for “special needs” children, adults, and their families.

18. Our current New Member class– we have eight people looking into membership and Quakerism.

17. New faces on our music teams and new music.

16. People traveling to other countries to share God’s love! – Kenya Team!

15. Our new worship planning committee – (Rebecca Ortega, Kate Pattison, and Pastor Bob) the creation of curated stories and new aspects of worship!

14. All the “care-givers/providers” in our meeting!

13. The impact of our Mentoring Program for children and youth!

12. Silverton Christian School and its ministry to our community/church!

11. Sunday morning “Meeting for Study” – great opportunities for dialogue and spiritual formation! Thank you teachers and facilitators!

10. Our epic and legit youth!

9.Our Tuesday Ladies Bible Study and the growth happening through becoming “TrueFaced”

8.  All the individual people/families finding freedom through difficult/financially unstable times (with the help and support of people/staff at SFC).

7. Community impact happening in conversation, dinners, neighborhoods.

6. All our dedicated volunteers! – people willing to sacrifice time and talent for our church – especially take-down teams, ushers, greeters, dinner makers, lawnmowers, landscapers, etc…

5. Recent House Blessings – all those who participated, led, and received!

4.MOPS and their work with our mothers of preschoolers!

3.People sharing during our Quaker Open Worship – what beautiful vulnerability!

2.Bible Quizzing – having two teams and our youth excited about the Bible!

1. People being and becoming the conduit of God’s healing/redeeming work in the world!

These are only a few of the many…


A sincere THANK YOU to everyone at SFC for what you each do to make visible God’s Kingdom in this place and in Silverton!

Grace and peace, Pastor Bob+

One thought on “Top 20 Things that should make us excited about Silverton Friends Church

  1. These reasons, and many more, are why I returned to SFC with my wife and children. This place of full of lovely people being genuinely and deeply loving towards each other.

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