Peace Month Daily Reader 2014

Our theme for 2014 Peace Month is LAMP: Locally Aware Meetings for Peace. For this year’s Daily Reader we solicited submissions from Friends around Northwest Yearly Meeting regarding their stories, thoughts and experiences with local peacemaking. You’ll find all sorts of different stories this month: stories that inspire and ones that challenge, stories that fit with your worldview and some that might challenge your preconceived notions. You’ll find expositions of scripture, questions of effectiveness, heartfelt searches of one’s own conscience and motivation, ruminations on tiny interpersonal interactions and struggles with xenophobia and genocide. Each gives a window into the heart of these Friends. They are gifts shared with our community, offered to you, so that we all can catch a glimpse of the many different ways God calls us each to Christ’s ministry of reconciliation.

Here are the links for the Daily Reader:

2014 Updated Peace Month Daily Reader – online version
2014 Updated Peace Month Daily Reader – printable booklet version

More information about Peace Month and resources can be found here:

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