Is Your Cup Half Full or Half Empty?

cupThe Lenten season begins March 5th with Ash Wednesday. But what does Lent mean? How often do we think about Lent as giving up chocolate or some other delectable delight? Or maybe we think about our words and say that we will stop gossiping or saying some “bad” word.

In the end, how often do we feel that our cup is left half empty from giving up something but not finding any meaning?

What if we did not think about Lent as giving up something but rather gaining something?

Maybe this Lent could be about gaining a deeper understanding of God’s presence and grace in our life. Maybe it could be about us being filled to overflowing with God’s love. What if in emptying ourselves and taking a good hard look inside, we would end up feeling more full—full of compassion and understanding, forgiveness and grace.

What if after these 40 days our glass seemed half full?

There is a song, “Ready for You” by the group Kutless,that can remind us of this emptying in order to be filled with God.

Cleanse all of my mind that is not of You.

Break me, teaching me how to find rest in Your hands.

Come and take my life, make my soul refreshed in truth now.

I am ready for You. Take my heart and make me new now.

I am ready for You to come and fill my soul.

Won’t You come and fill my soul?

What will you offer God this Lent? Take a quiet moment to reflect and pray, to offer yourself before God, and allow Him to fill your cup to overflowing.

Join us during the 40 days leading up to Resurrection Sunday as our queries will help us ponder these Lenten thoughts.

Grace and peace, Pastor Bob+

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