Call to Worship

Here is the “Call to Worship” from this past Sunday which Laurel Summers heard from the Lord and asked to share. Many of you have asked for it.

This striving “for” and “against” must cease.
Be quiet in My presence.
Do not multiply words of demand.
Do not sing to Me of love and faithfulness and harbor resentment and anger in your heart.
I dispense justice and mercy as I will.
I am not here to do your bidding
You are to do Mine when I give you an assignment.
Be still and know that I am God.

Worship is a place for the humble.
Do not justify yourself in your heart.
Focus on Me – in Me you find perspective for everything else.
Feelings are not facts, however strong.
Do not be driven by those feelings.
Pray for My love to wash through you sweeping away the debris, filling you with light.
Self-referencing must stop – you are not the center of all that is.
I am.
Humble yourself, and in due time, I will lift you up.
Rest in the knowledge that here, today, as you are, you are deeply, completely loved.

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