An Invitation To Share Your “God” Story at SFC

Dear Silverton Friends family,

On the first and third Sundays of each month you have an opportunity at SFC to share a story of how you saw God working in your life. Your story may be of a time when you saw a prayer answered concerning God’s provision, protection, healing, comfort, compassion, or redemption. It may be a moment when he revealed His deep love for you, when your faith was tested, a trial, a lesson learned, an opportunity to witness to someone, or your own  personal testimony.

Your story may tell of God’s encouragement that came at the exact moment it was needed. There may be a time when you experienced a vision, an angel, His handiwork in nature, a divine appointment, a sign, the leading of the Holy Spirit, His wonderful sense of humor, or his guidance through His Word. It may even be a work of art or a song you were led by the Spirit to compose.

It will be a great blessing to hear your story, so that we may be encouraged by how God is revealing Himself in and through His people at Silverton Friends. In November, there are two opportunities to share your God story and then a break, after which they will resume in February. Please email your God story to the correct email address ( with “SFC God Story” as the subject title. If you’d prefer to discuss your story, I’d love to hear from you and visit over a cup of coffee.

Warmest Regards, Kim Shaw

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