The 35th Annual Mayfair Auction and Plant Sale – COMING SOON!


Just around the corner is the 35th Annual Mayfair Auction and plant sale! This year’s theme, “Rooted in Christ” seems very fitting with the changes that have occurred. The Silverton Christian School Board has selected a committee of 9 parents to work together in coordinating the different aspects of the auction:

Jaime Hudson ~ Chair

Lori Roth ~ Donations

Lizbeth Elias & Jessica Reneau ~ Oral/Silent Auction Coordinator

Jolene Ferschwailer ~ Check in/out & Data Entry

Rachael Beede ~ Hospitality

Stephen & Emily Ward ~ Video Production/Marketing

Linda Brusven ~ Plant Sale

The planning team has been working really hard together bringing in new ideas and enthusiastic energy for planning this event.  Please note that the date for the auction has changed to Saturday May 9th, doors open at 5pm.  Tickets are $5 per person and can be purchased starting April 12th.  Contact Jaime or Teresa in the office for your tickets.  We are still collecting auction items for donations so if you would like to donate items please drop them by the office as soon as possible.  We are looking forward to the changes and energy of the auction this year and hope you will too.

~Jaime Hudson – SCS Board Chair

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