An Invitation to Scripture Art Journaling

10999090_969544913056602_1683862557147829867_nCome join us in an “open studio” environment at Kim Shaw’s home in Mt. Angel once a month.  Our first get together is set for Friday, May 22 beginning at 6pm.

Meditating on God’s Word through creative play is the key.

This is not about combining devotional time or reading plans. There is no pace to keep up with and no required reading. This is about creatively enriching – not replacing – our individual God time. Sharing what our creative time with God brings about,  will be a sweet thing! This challenge is open to EVERYONE! Artists, scrapbookers, stampers, art journalers, the creatively interested and those with no creative experience…you will love this!

To get an idea of what we’ll be doing (more or less) you can go to a website that started the whole idea. Each Tuesday throughout 2015, Rebekah R. Jones posts a weekly Bible art journaling challenge, on her blog ( with FREE artistic instruction and inspiration.  That’s 52 weeks of life-changing creative fun filmed in her art studio in England, where she can talk participants through what she created on the Bible page of the week and how to do it.  As God highlights topics in her reading she searches scripture and shares with us!  Any level of experience is welcome!

She does this challenge right along with us all year and her creative tutorials are meant for beginners and experienced alike.  You can join at any point in the year and respond to as few or as many challenges as you like.

11060297_953861584624935_3772027102988166776_nSee this as a once-per-week (or once-a-month) bonus to your time with God as your meditate on His Word with creative pleasure. You’ll be able to follow along, gain inspirations and go on to complete your own pages individually and with others from SFC, who will be meeting once a month for support, help, laughter, and companionship! You can interpret the challenge in any way you desire. We’ll enjoy God’s Word together in creative new ways and grow as a community in our relationship with God!

There will be more detailed information available in May and some samples to look at – stay tuned!



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