Official Minute from 2016 Northwest Yearly Meeting Sessions

Our NWYM Youth leading a time of prayer and mourning over the division in the Yearly Meeting on Wednesday night.

Many people have asked about what was decided at this past week’s 2016 Northwest Yearly Meeting Sessions in Newberg, OR. The following is the official minute regarding the NWYM Elder’s decision to release West Hills Friends and the process for moving forward. 

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The following minute was approved at the Thursday business meeting during Yearly Meeting sessions.

We as the gathered body of Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends have been greatly blessed with the rich discussion we have had regarding the Elder’s decision that West Hills Friends Church be released from its affiliation with Northwest Yearly Meeting. The Clerks have done their very best to allow for extensive participation of the discussion of the many perspectives and leadings of our people for and against the core question–should we approve the Elder’s report to release West Hills of their membership in the Yearly Meeting.

The Elders in their report that any of the possible actions might be shattering to the unity of our Yearly Meeting and even to West Hills Friends.

After many hours of listening and praying, we have come to unity around the following recommendation:

–  That we express deep appreciation for the work of the Elders on this issue. We did not find consensus regarding the elders report. 

NWYM Youth gave up a day at the beach to discern with the gathering this important decision.

The following is the process outlined by clerk, Brad Holton, based on suggestions he heard from Friends in attendance.

Continued discernment of the elder’s report to release West Hills Friends Church from NWYM will be taken up by a meeting that will consist of NWYM representatives and 8 youth, one youth representing each area of NWYM. The NWYM Administrative Council will form the parameters for this meeting.

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