A Statement of Support and Solidarity

unity_432x3281The following statement was delivered or mailed to the administrators and staff of all the public schools in our Silver Falls School District in Silverton, Oregon.  Our Quaker meeting wants to stand in support and solidarity with our local administrators, teachers and staff in these days.

From: Silverton Friends Church

Date: November 10, 2016
RE: Statement of Support and Solidarity

Dear Administrators and Staff:

You have had a difficult couple of days. We write to offer our support for the challenging but critically important work in which you are now engaged.

As Quakers, we believe in the inherent dignity and worth of each member of the community; in the importance of respectful dialogue and listening; in the peaceable resolution of differences; and in tolerance for views that diverge from our own.

These are the same values you seek to uphold in the Silver Falls School District. As our nation emerges from a bitter and divisive election season, we are reminded that our country’s future will ultimately rest in the hands of our young people. We are profoundly grateful for your efforts to create and support a school culture characterized by respect, civility and active engagement, and we will hold your work in the Light over the coming days.

If there is any concrete way we can be of support, we hope you will make us aware of these needs.

In hope and with deep admiration,

Bob Henry, Pastor
Mark Rediske, Clerk of Elders
Judy Scott, Elder
Sheldon Lesire, Elder
Stanley Muhr, Elder
John Pattison, Clerk of the Meeting

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