Lent begins with Ash Wednesday


Ash Wednesday, Father, is your reminder.  We are dust…we are your children, the glory of your creation. We shall return to dust…we shall return to your arms, and receive the welcome of daughters and sons.  But in the meantime, with your help, like the dust of this world, we shall settle everywhere, and make your presence felt. Unpeopled hearts, by your grace, shall become homes.  The journey to heaven, Lord, begins with the dust of Ash Wednesday: with dust set aside as a reminder, but also with the dust of bus and subway, of street and avenue.  We are people on the move, and what do we do, or do not do, to the least of our fellow travelers, we do to you. 

Liturgy for Ash Wednesday (Home Celebrations, Moser)

Join us on throughout the day on Ash Wednesday (March 1) from 8am-4:30pm in the Silverton Friends Youth Room. This space will be set apart and open for personal prayer and reflection. This year we will provide a simple self-guided meditation, ashes for imposition, meditative music and various art pieces for focus.

Come enjoy the space for as long as you need.

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