Join us Sunday for a Mission Focus!

This coming Sunday (3/4/12) morning during the Sunday School hour we will have the privilege of hearing from some very special guests:

Dan and Janell Hartley – Missionaries with Overland Missions in Livingstone, Zamibia. (Janell is cousins with SFC’s Jim Engeman)

What is Overland Missions?

Overland Missions exists to take the Gospel of Christ to the most remote and forgotten places on earth.

We identify these regions and begin the process to spread the good news of Christ until the Gospel has reached its full effect.

 This means not just sending a team of missionaries over to preach the Word, but deploying a measurable, accountable and effective strategy to empower the local believers to carry on the mission of spreading the Gospel among them in a sustainable way.

Philip Smethurst
Founder and CEO

Some words from Dan and Janell on their work:

Overland has invited me to teach their AMT course and it is a dream job for me! AMT stands for advanced mission training and is designed to train and equip someone who is interested in becoming a missionary with skills to help them minister effectively in challenging rural situations.  It is a 3 month course, run 2x a year, which will teach missions theology, preaching, cross cultural communication, medical wilderness training, 3rd world country diseases, GPS navigation, expedition training, 4×4 driving course, welding, bush cooking and much more.  What an amazing opportunity to impact world missions right from the starting line!  You can find out more by watching the course promotion video here:

During the months that the course is not running I will have the amazing opportunity to participate on evangelistic expeditions into the unreached and neglected regions of Zambia and Southern Africa. These hard to reach places are where Overland wants to explore with the vision to evangelize, train pastors, teach Biblical principles and assist with social/health education. I first set foot in Zambia in 1994 and always had a portion of my heart set aside for this opportunity. I never imagined it might be so much fun experiencing the fulfillment to this dream.

We are not sure exactly what Janell will end up doing, but her first priority will be our children and then there will always opportunities to assist with projects around the base.  There will also be times of mentoring / coaching needed for the gals who will be going through AMT and that is her favorite thing! She will have these opportunities and more to have great loving influence into the lives of women as well as into the “life” of Overland. She is an amazing mother and the model she will live, out of her love for God and others will speak much louder than any seminar could ever accomplish.

To learn more about the other amazing holistic ministries of Overland Missions go to  and check out Expeditions (short term teams), LIFE (caring for orphans), sector management (evangelism and discipleship in a target area), SAM (helping develop agricultural projects and microenterprise), RPN (Rural pastors network – pastoral training), and more.

With hearts full of thanks to God for all He has done and for you all,

Dan, Janell, Miesha and Titus Hartley

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