Questions to Ponder this week on “Togethering”

This past Sunday, Pastor Bob preached on “Togethering: At Work, School, & Play.”  Each sermon in this series, we have been presented some questions to ponder.  This week the questions were about the place where God has “called” you on a daily basis to be “Togethering.’  We challenge you to take some time this week to process these questions:

Does you workplace, business, school see itself as a community?  What kind of person-oriented environment does the institution strive for, if any?

How are people treated?   What does that say about the persons in authority?  About the others?

Who’s really in charge?  Who has the power “on paper” and who has it in practice?  Who makes the decisions?  What input do you have?

How flexible are the power people? How open are they to new ideas, new people, new ways of doing things?  If you are in a power position, how open are you?

What spoken or unspoken rules are there about how to do business and how to treat others?  How are they enforced?

What are the organizations goals, and how respectful are you of them? How comfortable are you in supporting those goals?  What influence do you have on those goals?

What personal or work habits seem incompatible or unhelpful in that environment?  What would it mean to you to change?

What theological and ethical precepts form the basis of your identity?  How well do they fit the corporate or school mold?

For some these questions may help you discern if you are in the right place.  For some, you may be challenged to make some changes.  Still others may realize they must look with new eyes on certain issues within their daily routine.

If you find yourself feeling “out of kilter” it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re in the wrong place.  It could be that you just don’t have enough time for “play” in your life.

Think about it…

Do you play at work – that is provide yourself with some moments of lightheartedness and enjoyment with your coworkers?

Do you take a regular day off, a day for Sabbath and for rest?

Do you have hobbies or a variety of pleasant interests?

Do you play too much by spending long hours in front of the computer or television?

For some these last four questions may be where you need to begin this week.

(Questions adapted from “Community” by Easterling & Warren)

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