“Togethering” through Intimacy – Questions

In this past Sunday’s sermon on “Togethering” as it pertains to intimacy in the Christian Faith, Pastor Bob challenged the couples and close relationships in the meeting to ponder some questions.  As has been custom during this entire series, these are not easy questions to simply answer.  It may take some time wrestling through these with that significant other.

Do you sense mutual loyalty in your marriage or relationship?

Do you sense mutual affection?

Is each individual respected, loved, treasured for their uniqueness?

Do you dream, set goals, have hopes, successes together?

How well do you handle the tragedies, foibles illnesses, conflicts?

When was the last time TOGETHER you had a conversation about some of these things?

As Pastor Bob shared on Sunday, when thinking through questions or conversations about intimacy, it often becomes problematic.   Obviously, these questions could raise more questions, suggest topics of a personal nature that may take more time to process – or to process with others in a protected setting.  Consider that this week as you work through intimacy in your daily life. 

Next week Pastor Bob will continue the series with Togethering: When Things God Bad.  Where he will explore what happens when breaches occur in our various communities and some first steps toward healing.


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