Anna Rediske delivers Youth Query to NWYM


We are proud of Anna Rediske, one of our young adults at Silverton Friends Church who attends Seattle Pacific University.  Last year she helped the youth of the Northwest Yearly Meeting work to write a “Query on Conflict and Differences.”  Anna was asked to come back after her high school graduation to deliver this query to our Yearly Meeting Sessions this year on behalf of our youth.  The query was approved with great enthusiasm. Here is the query:

Query on Conflict and Differences

Recognizing human imperfection, how do I strive to follow Christ’s example in the way I love and respect others? When confronted with a conflict, how do I actively show Christ with a compassionate and grace-filled heart? How am I leaving space for change? How do I value the other person when charged with their reputation, remembering that they, too, are a child of God? How do I build up the individual in the light of God?

Join our Yearly Meeting in making this query important to our relationships and dealings within our lives and meetings.  Thank you, Anna and all our youth for your faithfulness and concern.



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