Becoming the Conduit in 2013-2014

Theme20132014I have always believed that as followers of Christ, we are to seek a life of devotion that also entails a sense of adventure.  For most people adventure does not come natural. Our busy schedules, our families, our commitments, even our church activities often destroy our sense of adventure and turn it into a bondage of obligation.  Instead, our goal this year is to go deep into the rivers of  living water and strive to become a useful conduit of God’s healing-redeeming work in the world.

Paul Anderson (professor of Quaker Studies at George Fox University) states in his book Following Jesus: The Heart of Faith and Practice, 

As pilgrims toward the heavenly city help one another along the way, so we learn from others.  We illumine the path for one another and encourage each other in the venture.  After all, it is a great journey we are on, and we do not travel alone. 

I am proud to announce our 2013-2014 year-long theme:

Become the Conduit!

God’s Healing-Redeeming Work in the World.

Through our fall/winter seasons, we will look at how we can become God’s conduit to our world through following Jesus’ example.  This theme will take us into the heart of our Faith and Practice and what we believe as Friends/Quakers.

As a special bonus, each month we will have a special guest preacher to emphasize different aspects of our theme.  Some of the planned guests include, Rachelle Staley (NWYM Youth Superintendent), Sarah Klatt Dickerson (North Valley Friends), and Howard Macy (Retired GFU professor).

I look forward to an engaging and Spirit-led year exploring how we can “Become the Conduit!” I hope you will join us on this adventure of learning and discovery in 2013-2014.

Grace and peace Friends,

Pastor Bob+

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