Coming Together in 2015!

Crowd walking - group of people walking together (motion blur)

During my sermon on “Joy” the third Sunday of Advent, I spent some time sharing the good things I saw happening at SFC. I shared how it reminded me of the interaction that took place when Mary went to visit Elizabeth. How Mary trusted Elizabeth. How she sought her out. How her questions, fears, and even the personal struggles she faced began to subside as together they worked through the realization that they both were birthing something very important. In the sermon I explained:

“Lately, I have seen this very thing happening right here at Silverton Friends Church.

  • People are getting together.
  • They feel safe together.
  • The fears and questions have begun to subside.
  • And we are seeing God birthing something among us that is not only changing our meeting/church, but out families, our community, and ultimately our world.

I went on to say,

“I am hoping this coming year, 2015, we are going to experience joy together in new and exciting ways…It is going to be good! We are going to give birth to something – because God is continuing to birth something in our lives and in this church. He is birthing His hope…He’s birthing his peace…and He is birthing His joy!”

In the same vein of Mary’s Song, The Magnificat, we as a church are proclaiming:

  • Things are changing!
  • God is turning things upside down!
  • God is rising up in our world just like in the days of old!
  • God is remembering His people!
  • He is remembering the promises which he made to our ancestors.

As we continue to make the road by walking TOGETHER in 2015, let us not forget all that God has done and will be doing with and through us. Let’s acknowledge His mighty work! Let’s remember His faithfulness! And let’s look for new ways for God to birth in us His hope, peace, joy, and love in our families, in our church, and in our world! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Grace and peace, Pastor Bob+

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