Personal Queries to Ponder on MLK Jr. Day


On this day to remember the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., we ask you to consider pausing and personally reflecting on your life in the spirit of MLK Jr. – start by reading Psalm 139 and then ponder these queries from yesterday’s sermon, “Is Your Heart Right?”:

Lord, do you really know everything about me –
everything in the depths of my heart?

Lord, is there anywhere that I could go or anything that I could do that would cause You not to embrace me or want to guide me?

Lord, did you really know me before I was formed in my mother’s womb?

Lord, why do I not always delight in my knowledge of you?

Lord, why am I not always willing to give you my complete loyalty? Why do I lack the will to banish my wickedness, so You can live in my heart?

Lord, will you turn your searchlight on my heart?

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